Who We Are

We are individual staff members of KoreAm Journal who believe this magazine is worth saving. Even after 18 years of profiles and issue-based features, Folkwinds and recipes, there is still much left to explore in the Korean American experience. We started this website not only to ensure our survival in the immediate and long-term future, but also to help feed our growth so we can better serve our readers in the 21st century.

KoreAm Journal

Established in 1990, KoreAm Journal is a rapidly growing monthly magazine that highlights the news, stories and issues of Korean Americans nationwide. What started as a local paper went national in 1997 with a new journal format. In February 1999 KoreAm Journal emerged as a glossy magazine and became available at select newsstands and bookstores across North America and Korea. The publication is now published entirely in color.

August 2008 Cover

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